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pi-top [4]
pi-top [4]
pi-top [4]
pi-top [4]
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pi-top [4]

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Design, code & make anything you can imagine.

pi-top [4] is the fastest and simplest way to start using Raspberry Pi. Everything you need to power up your projects is pre-installed in this rugged case, including the Raspberry Pi 4 itself.

Paired with our Electronics Kit or Robotics Kit, pi-top [4] is a Raspberry Pi kit that will take you from beginner to superuser. With the modular pi-top [4] system you can create anything from a musical instrument to the ultimate alarm system. Explore our online project library to learn to code and control your creations.

Please note:
You can use your own components and sensors - pi-top [4] is compatible with Grove components, Arduino, BBC micro:bit and many others. Or purchase pi-top [4] with our Electronics Kit including 14 components including LEDs, sound & light sensors, buttons and more.

You'll need to connect to your pi-top [4] to a monitor & keyboard, or to a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer.

Not sure which pi-top [4] is best for you? Check out our features comparison table below.

pi-top [4] comes with:

  • A pi-top [4]
  • Raspberry Pi 4 with 4Gb RAM
  • 16Gb SD card with pi-topOS
  • 15V 36W USB-C PD Power Supply
  • pi-top Display Cable
  • HDMI Adapter
  • USB Adapter
  • Online project library with dozens of step-by-step project tutorials (most tutorials make use of the Sensor Foundation Kit)
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