pi-top [4] DIY Edition
pi-top [4] DIY Edition
pi-top [4] DIY Edition
pi-top [4] DIY Edition
pi-top [4] DIY Edition
pi-top [4] DIY Edition

pi-top [4] DIY Edition

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$99.95 USD
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Power armour for your Raspberry Pi.

The only Raspberry Pi 4 case with an inbuilt battery and power management system: ditch the power supply and take your projects anywhere.

pi-top [4] DIY Edition will be shipped in October.
Limited production run!

pi-top [4] DIY Edition provides full access to Raspberry Pi's ports and GPIO, and comes with:

  • 5-hour internal battery
  • Power management system
  • Integrated heat sink and cooling fan
  • Mini OLED screen and programmable buttons
  • Integrated 1-watt loudspeaker

Please note:
You’ll need to install your own Raspberry Pi 4. See our installation how-to video

To get the most from your pi-top, it's best to run pi-topOS. Some of the advanced features of pi-top are not managed by Raspberry Pi OS (formerly Raspbian) or other operating systems.

You can use your own 15V 36W USB-C PD power supply, or you can purchase our Accessory Bundle below, which includes a pi-top Power Supply, Display Cable with USB and HDMI adaptors, and 16Gb SD card with pi-topOS.

Not sure which pi-top [4] is best for you? Check out our features comparison table below.

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pi-top [4] DIY Edition

pi-top [4] Complete

DIY EDITION + Accessory Pack COMPLETE + Sensor Kit
$99.95 $144.80 $199.95 $279.90
pi-top [4] with onboard battery and more... included included included included
Pre-installed Raspberry Pi 4 4Gb included included
pi-top Power Supply Unit (USB-C PD 15V, 36W) included included included
pi-topOS on 16Gb SD card included included included
pi-top Display Cable included included included
Sensor Foundation Kit included